About us

Hello! Welcome to the website of our agency. My name is Aelita and I was born and raised in the north of Armenia, where I learned German as a second foreign language at school. My home village is surrounded by mountain ranges and forests, where my father often took us to hike to show us herbs, flowers, butterflies, birds and, of course, small old churches and to tell us their history.  So I learned to love nature, history and hiking.

Then I studied German language and literature at the Linguistic University in Yerevan (capital of Armenia). During my studies I founded a club for German-speaking young people in a French foundation (SPFA) in Armenia and we often accompanied German and French groups of the Foundation through the whole country.  In that time I had already the idea to start my own agency and offer my own voyages. And through all these trips and contacts, I improved my language skills while learning French.

After graduation I started to work for a Swiss Foundation (KASA), where I led different projects and implemented numerous ideas, especially in the area of environmental protection. Through these projects I acquired new knowledge and experience in the fields of camping, logistics, hiking and archeology! At the same time we developed a network of guest houses - at that time for volunteers (locals and foreigners) who participated in our projects, then for our groups. The foundation also had groups from Switzerland, so I started to accompany them as tour guide and organize camping and hiking with my husband, who was also active in our projects.

That was the area in which we wanted to evolve and so we set up our own agency in 2008.


What we offer


Our region is called  ,,the crossroad between the East and West’’. It has a rich and highly interesting history, diverse art and culture, local traditions of architecture and wild, unspoiled nature. In such a region you can develop and offer all imaginable tours – cultural,  nature and culture, hiking, mountaineering, eco-tours, bicycle tours, ski tours, pilgrimages. We enable you to travel all over this lost, beautiful corner of the world. This gives you the opportunity not only to learn about the history and culture of these countries, but also to meet the local population - musicians, stonemasons, ceramists, artists and simple farmers, and also to get to know the everyday life of these people and their traditions.


Why Armenia?


. In this country you are a guest and this is always an important person in our culture. "The guest was sent by God" is our saying. And when you are here, you are greeted with the word BAREV, which actually means "hello". But the word itself means "second sun". This means that as a guest you are the second sun. The hospitality of the Armenians is famous worldwide.

. Here you will discover an ancient civilization with an incredibly rich culture and beautiful traditions.

. Here you can experience untouched nature, rich fauna and flora.

. Here you can taste traditional, typical food made from natural regional products.

. Armenia was the first country,to officially adopt Christianity as the state religion in 301.


Why with us?


. We enable you to experience the daily life and special way of life of the people in the country and to get deep insights into their culture.

. Our tour guides are local, qualified specialists who speak several foreign languages. They guide you through the country and share with you their knowledge and experience. They are also the bridge between you and the locals.

. Through authentic meetings you touch much of the language, music, religion and art of our country.

. Our trips are environmentally friendly and social.

. We offer trips in small groups.

. With us you have the opportunity to combine different countries of the region (Armenia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran) in one trip.

. You can plan your own individual tour with us.

We look forward to giving you the opportunity to build a bridge between you and our country, making the voyage an unforgettable experience for you in a personal and friendly atmosphere.


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